Personal data

Avat’Art is concerned to protect personal data. We ensure to protect your personal data according to the Data Protection Act and the “general data protection regulation”.

Responsible for treatment

The personal data collected on this website are registered on a computer data base by the controller :

8 rue des cottages
67100 Strasbourg


The collected personal data are used for the customer support and for the answers emails sent on the contact form.
Some data are automatically collected due to your actions on this website. The purpose is to measure the traffic on this website (number of viewed pages, number of visits on this website, viewed and consulted products, …) or to prevent and solve technical failure.

Collected data

The collected and processed personal data are your name, your email, address, phone, postal code, your IP address and your connexion data.
We are committed to collecting only the necessary data for the proper functioning of the provided service on this website. You are warned of the required or optional fields by the mentions “required” (or any other visual appropriated signs as an asterisk or bold text) or “optional”


The data are stored during all the service use duration and then they are archived for an additional duration according to the legal duration prescription and conservation due to purposes strictly limited and allowed by the law (warranty, litigation,…). After this while, they are deleted.


The collected data are useful for our technical department. They are also forwarded to the following web hosting provider :

  • OVH ( en qualité d’hébergeur

Consent remove

You can remove your consent at any time about your personal data which are not required for the good use of the provided service by this website.
In this case you can contact us by email to the following address :

Access right

You can have an access and rectification right concerning your personal data on simple demand by writing to :
8 rue des cottages
67100 Strasbourg

Or by email to the following contact :