Who is Avat'Art ?

My origins

Strasbourg, France

The origin of my artist’s name Avat’Art is the word avatar that means in French transformation and metamorphosis.

When I was child, I drew very often and I dreamt working in comics or illustration world. Later, this passion led me find my way in motorcycle world by matching my passion of drawing with the two wheels machines.

My first job as painter in body repair workshops gave me the opportunity to express myself via the customization.

Looking always for new and different techniques arouses my curiosity and develops my “chameleon” personality. Thus it became my emblem!

My techniques

My work is defined by two ways. The first one: the customer explains me what he would like to realize, his/ her project, and I associate his / her wish with my ideas and my techniques.

The second one: my own projects are realized following my esthetic choices, different styles and techniques I have just experimented.

These different techniques are gold, silver, copper leaf engraving, or transfers that I firstly draw with illustrations or lettering, and many other techniques as pinstriping, airbrush, flakes, kandy painting, …

Finally, the last step but not the least is the coat of varnish that I apply carefully to ensure beautifully finishing touches.

My influences

Since my beginnings, various styles have inspired me in my work: lowbrow arts in general, graffiti, comics, skateboarding, …

My favorite artists are Todd Hanson for his amazing strip art, Craig Fraiser for his various techniques, Jeral Tidwell for his special style and his illustrations and many others too…

I can realize traditional painting proposed in the custom paintings world, but I really enjoy mixing different topics, with different styles and visual effects.

I hope to lead everyone to express differently and think for oneself.

My projects

In the future, I would like to develop my range of customized objects to offer a large diversity of my art to various demands.

My artworks and custom paintings could be seen during events and shows, on my website or social networks.

See you soon…