Is it necessary to bring a model or a template?

The template could be useful to have a basis of thinking. I prefer doing my own personalized decoration.

Is my decoration unique?

I never do twice the same custom painting. A unique work is better appreciated and valorized.

How much does a custom painting cost?

Many criterions have to be taken into consideration. So I do not announce a fix price without checking the following steps.

First of all, the surface and basis of the object you want to customize is very important. For example, is it clean? Maybe it needs to be repaired at first …

Then, the nature of the work is essential to define a price. Indeed colors, effects, techniques are various and more or less difficult to apply.

We need to talk about it together first and I will give you an idea of price and set up a quotation.

What is possible to do as custom paintings?

Many things are possible and sometimes it is beyond what everyone can imagine!

I always look for the best way and paintings to realize your project. My goal is to better meet your expectations and wishes.