HD Shovel”Bretz’Hell”

Motorcycle cutomized in partnership with Burnout Customs, Kehl, Germany.

On the theme of Alsace:

Holographic silver flake background, brandy wine kandy lines, apple red, voodoo violet and tangerine.

Purple grey lines.

On the tank we can see 2 heads of carnivorous hops surrounding the coat of arms of the Alsace in gold and silver leafs.

On the rear mudguard, a pretzel and a carnivorous hops head adorned with an Alsatian headdress and a pinstriping.

On the bodywork, a frieze of small pretzels.

On the frame, gold leaf line and its mat shadow from the front to the back.

The frame has been worked, welds have been smoothed, fasteners have been placed under the tank, the hardtail widened, fasteners of the engine have been adapted for a “shovel” engine.


Published in the FREEWAY # 321 of August 2018.

  • Best paint Punta Bagna Valloire 2018
  • Best of show Vosges Motorcycle Summer 2019